A daily dose of raw chocolate can increase your physical and mental health. It’s hardly a major sin, but for many, indulging in a chocolate treat is nothing less than a guilt-ridden even, and rightly so. Most chocolate available in stores has been processed, heated, cooled, added to and modified…in short, it’s not really natural chocolate any more and can seriously damage your health. When cocoa is raw and unprocessed it’s a wonderful little bean that is packed with antioxidants at a much higher level than found in green tea and red wine. Antioxidants are heart-healthy elements that reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Cocoa also contains anti-inflammatory compounds that stimulate our brain rather than our unhealthy options slowing them down. And when you’re feeling blue, a couple nibbles will stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine. These serious sounding chemicals control our moods and emotional state, so believe it or not, you can feel better naturally after eating raw chocolate rather than experiencing a sugar high and the resultant come-down from conventional chocolate. Rather than have nasty chemicals and processed sugar, raw cacao contains healthy nutrients that benefit the body, such as oleic acid, which can promote better memory and reduce the symptoms of arthritis. It lowers unhealthy levels of cholesterol, and raises “good” cholesterol. It also improves your energy levels as it assists your heart and your circulatory system to function better. Raw cocoa can also reduce PMS and menopause symptoms, and contains theobromine, a mild stimulant that helps with depression and promotes well-being. But let’s get to what really counts when it comes to indulging in forbidden sweets; calories, fat, and sugar. Right off the bat, raw chocolate has very few calories. Take for instance, raw cacao powder. According to, one ounce of organic raw cacao powder contains 120 calories, and only 23 calories come from fat. And when you compare that to any conventional candy bar , you can immediately see the shocking difference in the number of calories, fat and sugar. Couple raw chocolate with raw Agave sweetener and raw coconut oil which have their own health benefits and you have no reason to feel guilty for having a daily, naturally healthy chocolate delight. For more on how raw chocolate benefits the body, go to:

May 30, 2016
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A daily dose of raw chocolate can increase your physical and mental health. It’s hardly a major sin, but for many, indulging in a chocolate treat […]
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