Healthy snacks that satisfy.

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April 16, 2016
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April 26, 2016

A typical calorie intake per day for women is around 1,700. It changes with age, and as a rule of thumb, the older you get, the lower your calorie needs are. Maintaining a balance diet helps us to avoid obesity and maintain health. So, discipline is the key!

But almost everyone needs a little something between meals…it’s only natural. The problem is that most “snacks” are not really healthy, and often downright unhealthy. Munching on a carrot often doesn’t hit the spot.

So the question is; what can we have to fill the gap that is healthy, satisfying and delicious?

Let’s imagine you were to snack on a typical candy bar in the afternoon or evening. How many calories would that involve? For a small Kit Kat bar, the answer is 238. That’s 14% of your total daily calorie intake! Plus, processed candy bars have little or no nutrition, and tons of fat.

Fruit and nuts are considered a good alternative, but they can be a lot less satisfying. If you want to limit your snacking calories to say, 50, your choices are limited. Just two strawberries is approximately 45 calories. Likewise, 40% of a banana, or 10 pistachio nuts, 6 almonds or 7 cherries, constitute slightly less than 50 calories.

So choose your snacks carefully, and consider a Raw Amour Raw Chocolate Truffle. It’s just 44 calories, packed with healthy raw ingredients, dairy free and totally delicious. We believe that it’s a daily tonic masquerading as a delectable treat!