-Jone Noveck

Chef, Culinary professor and nutrition consultant

I think the texture, flavor and mouth feel of Raw Amour is excellent. You get the luxury of the experience quickly so you don’t have to over indulge. It’s a healthy and satisfying alternative to eating harmful sweets or unsatisfying healthy treats.

- Bel Rodriguez

Proprietor of Belle’s Inn, Kingston NY

For at least 20 years, once a week, I would buy expensive Swiss chocolate for $50 a pound. Four months ago I started buying Raw Amour and I am in chocolate heaven. The standard of excellence and decadence is un-paralleled. I also like that there is not sugar and it is refrigerated. I love it with wine, cheese, and ice cream.

- Michael Ryan

Chef and graduate from the Culinary Institute of America

Raw Amour has all the characteristics that I look for in a product: organic, made of high-quality ingredients that add to a person’s health and great taste. I think it stands up to any chocolate on the market in taste and surpasses them in health benefits.

- Lewis Harrison

Founder of the Lewis Harrison Healing Academy and health and nutrition author

I recommend this product as a way of assisting the body fight the aging process. Unlike other chocolate, Raw Amour is raw, organic and doesn’t use sugar, dairy or heat, which block chocolate’s natural health benefits.