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At Raw Amour, we have a passion for making chocolate that allows people to enjoy our delicious formula, sourced with the finest raw/organic ingredients and manufactured with sensibility.


Raw & Organic

Raw Amour chocolate is made from the finest ingredients and nutritional on Earth. We pride ourselves on our organic sourcing process and you will love the taste of raw chocolate.

Vegan & Paleo Friendly

Raw Amour chocolate is proud to be a great food choice for those who are following a low sugar diet, such as the Paleo diet. You won’t believe how good it tastes!

The only certified organic and certified low glycemic chocolate

Utilizing the international protocol, a 2016 low glycemic test at Albany Medical Center determined that Raw Amour Low Glycemic Truffles are truly low glycemic with a glycemic index of only 6.

Jone Noveck Chef, Culinary professor and nutrition consultant

I think the texture, flavor and mouth feel of Raw Amour is excellent. You get the luxury of the experience quickly so you don’t have to over indulge. It’s a healthy and satisfying alternative to eating harmful sweets or unsatisfying healthy treats.

Lewis Harrison Founder of the Lewis Harrison Healing Academy and health and nutrition author

I recommend this product as a way of assisting the body fight the aging process. Unlike other chocolate, Raw Amour is raw, organic and doesn’t use sugar, dairy or heat, which block chocolate’s natural health benefits. 

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Experience the original flavor that got us on the map. You never tasted anything like this.

Low Glycemic

Experience the original flavor that got us on the map. You never tasted anything like this.


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